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Rotator Cuff Injury Problems

One of the most common injuries faced by players who make more use of their arm, and in a circular motion for example bowlers, tennis players, badminton player etc. however the injury is not just limited to the field of sports.

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Let us understand in detail about Rotator Cuff Shoulder and the injury related to it.

What is Rotator Cuff Shoulder?

In simple language, the Rotator cuff is a combination of tissues and muscles that gives a protective cover to shoulder joint to keep it safe from any external injury. According to southvanphysio.com, these tissues are known as tendons. So when this protective group is injured, it means either the tissues have been torn or it has been inflamed, in both the cases it is called Rotator Cuff Shoulder injury.

Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Shoulder Injury

Rotator Cuff shoulder injury is common among the people involved in active sports as well as who have taken retirement. It could also be found in people with age of above 55 or 60 years. Let us take a look on the symptoms that are common in people suffering from this injury.

1) The first and the most important symptom that a person is continuous pain in the shoulder.
2) The patient may even not be able to raise the arm above his or her head; doing so could increase the pain levels.
3) Unable to lift even light weight items or hold them for a long time
4) Unable to sleep during night due to pain or difficulty in changing positions using the shoulder
5) Not able to do normal daily task, example- wearing a shirt, dry your back after taking bath, or combing their hair etc.

How to treat Rotator Cuff Shoulder Injury

Shoulders are one of the most important and widely used parts of our body, knowingly or unknowingly we use our shoulders to complete many tasks during the day. So, if there is a problem or an injury in the shoulder it may disturb our entire daily routine.

Visit an Orthopaedic expert to get the injury checked thoroughly, the diagnosis could lead to two results – either the injury is too severe that it needs to be operated or it could be treated with physical exercise and some other precautions.

In case of an operation follow the instructions given by the Orthopaedic surgeon to get relief from the pain and injury. Same goes for a physical therapy session also. However, in addition to the expert advice, here are a few tips that can help the person to get relief from the pain:

Once the shoulder injury is confirmed here are a few steps we can take to get relief from the pain-
1) Take complete rest, avoid any unnecessary movements
2) Avoid putting stress on the injured shoulder like sleeping on the injured shoulder or lifting things etc.
3) Visit a doctor or a good physical therapist to get treated
4) Use of ice on the injured shoulder could give some relief

Although in most of the cases, these injuries could be treated with physical therapy treatments, but in case or serious injury a surgery may be required for complete relief.

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