Weight Loss Fads

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Let’s start with crunching numbers: $42 billion. That’s the amount of money Americans waste on weight loss products, services and supplements. You won’t even realize that you’ll be counting calories soon enough. Thus there is little wonder now, as to why there is an overgrowth in fad diet marketing. With the thousands of options proving itself to be new, revolutionized and the only impressive solution you’ll need, it is easy to fall under these traps but believe me, weight loss is more than just the calorie equations.

We have previously talked much about how you endanger yourself when you undergo diets that only let you regain more weight in the end. Now we want to take it step further by providing you with a glimpse of the many diet options that are considered fads. We thought it best to aid you with mindful selection.

So before we reveal them here, we first define fad diets. According to experts, they often offer quick results and promise the shortest time to commit in order to attain the results. Although it is not yet clearly established, the definition of a fad diet is more on quick and less work. Long-term success is what you need to be aiming for and it entails hard work and permanent changes in behavior, diet and lifestyle.

So first up, the ubiquitous South Beach Diet. It’s the fad nowadays. Celebrities have tried them and so as their followers left and right. In actuality, it’s defined by its high-protein, low carbs and fat-controlled system. It’s rationale explains: faster sugar and starch bloodstream absorption, means fatter bodies. It has different phases and the ultimate goal is to kick out bad fats and carbs.

Next up, the original Atkins diet. If you can call any diet, the grand-daddy of them all then this could be it. It has been around for decades and as such has been under series of revisions. Previous plans allow unrestricted amounts of dairy and meat while putting away carbs (sugar, pasta and bread; even vegetables!). It is characterized by its high-protein and low-carb trademark.

The Pritikin diet is next and it focuses on a low-fat, high-carb formula. Foods rich in fiber such as vegetables and fruits are consumed more than any other food groups. Fats is restricted to 10% of your daily intake and it’s based on the theory of Nathan Pritikin based on a plant-based diet that prevents heart diseases and facilitate weight loss.

Lastly, is the Zone diet. The underlying theory that it’s based upon a belief that our body’s genetic programming will reach its peak efficiency ONLY when all meals we eat are set at right caloric ratios between carbs, proteins and fats. Its equation is normally high-protein, low-carb and fat-controlled eating. Of all the diets mentioned, it is the least restrictive, you can even eat small amounts of protein combined with twice as much favorable carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables. It was developed by Barry Sears, a biochemist (well the caloric ration obsession explains a lot).

Have your minds gone completely lost over all these diet fads? Who could have thought many, differing equations can lead to one simple solution of losing weight? That’s like saying there are many solutions to a math problem. But more than anything else, dieting is a very complex issue. Some people even need professional support to achieve success and not once have they relied on fad diets ALONE. Losing weigh is possible. That has been done countless of times so do not lose all hope. Find a plan that will work best for your preferences and open yourself to changes along the way.

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