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Back to School: Starting the School Year off Right

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As the long and lazy days of summer wind down, it’s challenging but necessary to get your family back into the routine of the school year. As hard as it may feel, it’s key to get yourselves and your children used to earlier morning wake-ups and more set bedtimes, as well as a focus on school and homework. This will make the transition to fall much easier on everyone.

The re-immersion into a schedule of homework can be challenging for many children – especially those who can struggle with learning. According to this website, here are some tips and tricks to help you start your school year off right, and make homework time a happy time.

  1. Designate a time a space for homework
    This is crucial to help your children get into a routine as well as work uninterrupted. By providing them with a quiet area in which they can focus on their work, as well as a set time to do so, they can be more successful.
  2. Allow them to help choose school supplies
    If kids are involved in the choosing of their supplies, they may feel more excited to use the items. Enlist them to help in the labelling of the supplies, organizing their courses by binder, and take ownership of the items that they are using.
  3. Understand the expectations of the class and teacher
    If you know what your child’s teacher is all about, and what is expected of your child in the class, you can help them reach their goals easier. By creating a relationship with you, your child and their teacher, everyone will feel more at ease and set up for success.
  4. Get your child to write a set of goals
    It’s great to get your child to identify what they want to achieve through homework and school. By writing a list of goals, it keeps them focused and accountable. It’s also great to reach a goal and check it off the list when it’s done! It contributes to a sense of accomplishment for your child.
  5. Invest in tutoring
    If you have identified areas of strength and struggle in your child, investing in tutoring to help them can propel their abilities. There are may different options available for tutoring: from traditional one on one tutoring, to learning centres, to online tutoring options that are available 24/7. Tutoring can also help you as a parent to be better at assisting your child when it comes to homework – after all, we don’t always remember what we learned in grade 10 math, and as a a result, we may not be able to help our child!
  6. Reduce the stress
    Homework can sometimes become a source of intense stress for your child, resulting in tears and arguments. If this is the case, don’t force your child to do it at that time.Take a break, go for a walk, and allow yourself and your child to calm down. You can always return to the work later when everyone is in a clearer state of mind.It’s important that the child understands that homework is an essential task and that it does need to be completed; however, not at the expense of an explosive argument. This can only create a pattern of stress around homework, thus reducing the chances that the child will ever want to do it!

By enlisting some of these tips and tricks around back to school and homework, you can help to make that transition from lazy summer to scheduled fall much easier for everyone.

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