Scheduling software

Scheduling software is a software which can be used to manage the workload for employees, manage scheduling appointments for clients, training courses, bookings for rooms or tools as well as any other resource activity of interest. Scheduling software has ease the current management system of many business enterprises and institutions thus encouraging efficiency in resource utilization, maximizing utilization with the aim of reducing and minimizing wastage of time as well as reducing the overall costs. It is an important software to have synched with your hr software. Our pick for providers that seamlessly integrate scheduling software is

Scheduling software are categorized in terms of area of application and they ranges from employee scheduling software, resource scheduling software to training scheduling software. Scheduling and hr software can fall into two categories, namely: web-based systems and desktop applications which are always distributed by a third party service provider, and those that installed programs with licenses on computer hardware respectively.


Employee scheduling software with hr software

Employee scheduling software are essential in planning the workload of all the employees, trainings, appointments, sickness, including holidays and vacations. Scheduling software used by professionals or business entrepreneurs in managing the appointments and bookings are known as booking online software or appointment booking software. The benefits of this particular software is that:

• They are easy to use, and options like drug and drop scheduling is possible
• Multi-user application- it is also functional with multiple users
• Avoids double booking and conflict resolution is paramount
• Matching of employees to job opportunities with automatic skills and qualification is possible
• Provides a database for employee, customer, and document database (CRM)
• Creating reports and sharing employee schedules in very easy via email

Some of the type of employees scheduling are; office rotation planning, training records and schedules, appointment, job and task management, employee workload planner including attendance and sickness records.

Resource Scheduling Software

This type of scheduling software is used in managing and planning of the workload or activity for entire resources as well as ensuring that there is an improvement towards resource efficiency with reduction in costs. Some of the resource scheduling tasks are as follows, record visits and actions, account status and activity, full audit tracking and history, save resource and consumer details and plan resource jobs and any task among others. Benefits of resource scheduling software is almost the same as that of employee scheduling software, but with additional benefits such as; easy ability to track the costs and expenses per resource, it can be integrated with mobile devices, can allow comparison and checking of resources skills against requirements.

Training Records and scheduling

This scheduling software enables you to schedule clients, rooms, tutors, delegates among others. It helps in simplifying a course plan, maximizing on facilities and reducing or eliminating errors which can arise during planning. With this scheduling software, you can do planning for your courses, or even create training plans for any type of training having both reports and analysis. Some benefits for planning training is much felt when the double booking is eliminated with full conflict resolution, the tutor, delegates or courses are matched well with qualifications, when the software can link relevant course materials and documents automatically and the records of attendees invitation responses are well captured. In addition, this type of scheduling software makes it possible for multi-users to read and write all together.


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